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About Us

Crossroads to Home Coalition

The Crossroads to Home Coalition was formed in 2018 after a noticeable increase in homelessness in Columbia, TN. Many non-profit organizations and churches were already assisting the homeless with specific programs and services. With the desire to assist with the growing needs of the homeless population in the area, a small group of nonprofit organizations came together to form the Crossroads to Home Coalition.


The coalition consists of local non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals whom each offer a unique program or service to assist the homeless. These programs range from veteran and medical assistance to education and housing.

The goal of the coalition is to strengthen the programs and services offered by these groups and individuals by creating partnerships, fostering close communication, sharing resources, and developing long-term solutions for the homeless. And the coalition continues to grow!


If you or someone you know are in need of assistance please utilize our Resource Guide located on the resource tab. Each area of service is clearly listed with contact information and descriptions of what each organization offers. 

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